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A program started after taking in our very first senior hospice case, Gizmo! "Gizzy" was loved by everyone, he was taken everywhere by his foster mom, carried in a pouch or riding in a stroller.. He loved meeting new people at our events and especially loved the warm sun in his face! Gizzy was with us for just 4 months but touched so many of us, that we will continue to take hospice cases in his name! Senior dogs are dumped at shelters for many reasons, (too old, can't be cared for any longer at home, blind, deaf, loss of urine/bowel control). All reasons that are unacceptable, after a lifetime of loyalty, these sweet seniors deserve better than being dumped in a shelter and prematurely euthanized! Gizzy’s Gift has designated fosters who can handle knowing the Tiny has special needs and may not be with us for long, they just need to be spoiled and loved. These tinys may need to wear diapers, be hand fed, have several medications administered, may be unable to walk and need be carried around in a pouch or pushed in a stroller. Dogs in our GIZZY'S GIFT program are loved and cared for medically until they pass or until it is time for us to assist them in crossing the Rainbow Bridge.
We provide them with the dignity, care and love they deserve until the very end.
Please consider making a donation towards our GIZZY'S GIFT program to help us with the care of these sweet seniors! Gizzy will be missed but never be forgotten 💙

Please go to the DONATION section of this site to give to this special program.

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