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Donate & Adoption Fee

Donations are the life blood of our rescue. Tiny Paws insures that each dog that comes to us is spayed/neutered, has a health check and is provided the vet care needed to become a happy and healthy member of your family. This would not be possible with out our Veterinary Partners, Volunteers and Donations.

Most dogs that come to our rescue are generally healthy, however HIGH KILL shelters are a dumping grounds for dogs who have been neglected or are in need of medical treatment that their owners cannot or will not fund.

With that in mind, feel free to donate as much and as often as you would like, every cent that comes to our rescue goes directly to supporting the medical needs of these wonderful little dogs.

Adoption Fee's can be paid here too if needing to pay by Credit Card. Please email receipt/thank you email to adopt.tinypawsrescue@gmail.com

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